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Installing a roof correctly adds to the total worth of your property. Apart from property value, correct roofing ensures your safety and adds to the structural integrity of the building. Therefore, single ply roof is best bet for you. If your building is a low slope, then single ply is just for you. It is usually in the form of a wide width sheet. 

When it comes to single ply roofs, it consists of much fewer seams as compared to asphaltic rolled roof ones. Moreover, single ply roofing does not need risky dangerous torches and hot asphalt during its installation. Furthermore, the installation becomes much easier as the accessories of such roofs come with prefabricated details. 


Single Ply roofing will adapt with different types of system assemblies because of its flexibility. Every single kind has its own sets of benefits and different membrane options. 


This system, with its easy and quick installation process along with its economical implementation, is ideal for large and open roofs. 

Mechanically Attached 

This one is the up-graded version of ballasted system which is comparatively lightweight and is maintained quite easily. 

Fully Adhered  

For the structures having high elevations which are located in high wind areas, fully adhered system is ideal as they highly stabilized and have uplifted protection. 

Metal RetrofitIf  

you have a metal roof which is now worn out and needs to be replaced, metal retrofit system comes in! Without removing the existing roof, this system entirely encapsulates the old one which makes it cost effective too. 


Royale Roofing has specialty in 3 major kinds of membranes when it comes to single ply roofing. They are perfect for the application on roofs which can be residential or commercial low sloped rooftops. Type of membranes includes: 

  • TPO 
  • EPDM 
  • PVC 

If you are considering installing single ply roofing on your rooftop, whether its residential building or commercial, we are happy to help. At Royale Roofing we have professionals who can critically deal with the smooth installation process so that you can remain carefree for the many decades to come. Give us a call and get free consultation! 

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